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The idea behind the brand is to blend originality with practicality. This first collection focuses on handwoven textiles, artistic designs, and novel materials.

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The Revolution
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The Tease
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The Irresistible

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Introducing a kaleidoscope of flaps

Hailing from the Hmong people in the Vietnamese highlands to a young artist’s studio in Paris. Each cover fits in all three base models. This first collection tries to encapsulate E&B’s ethos by creating a world of very diverging covers whilst keeping our core values in mind.

Material: Our covers are sourced from three main streams:

  • Local artisans from around the world, masters of beautiful traditional embroidery or brocade handicraft. These materials are hand-woven on a loom.
  • Young Female artists with a passionate drive who embrace E&B’s vision.
  • Novel eco-friendly materials we want to introduce to the fashion world. For example: cork.

Production: Produced in Italy in a small town nestled in the Tuscan hills to ensure maximum attention to detail and precision, skills only found in Italian manufacturing.

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